PJ Donnelly Sculpture

PJ Donnelly Sculpture



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Pete Jon Donnelly is a Yorkshire based sculptor and works in a variety of different mediums including ceramic, resin, and mixed media art.

His sculpture is generally figurative; however, this image is often manipulated in order to explore the complexity of the human condition.

Pete states: “I try to make my sculpture timeless and encourage the viewer to create their own story around the pieces, to fill in the gaps and open their imagination. Although I’ve my own inspiration I don’t like to give too much away.”

Armed with a lifelong urge to create, Pete applies years of research concerning various disciplines into his pieces. 

“Almost every piece I make is one of a kind and means something to me. It still blows my mind when a fleeting thought or dream ends up being this large, heavy, tangible object which I can watch someone pick up and take home.” 

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