PJ Donnelly Sculpture

PJ Donnelly Sculpture


ODDITIES (Ceramic Sketch Work)

The Oddities are a long standing series of small offbeat and, sometimes bizarre, sketch pieces I've been making over the last few years. 

I tend to put together a large list of random titles before sculpting an accompanying figure, usually on a nightly basis.

Some of my past favourites include Fusty Albert, The Worry Monster, I Knew You Were Coming and Whistling Sydney.

The process of sculpting one piece to fit a pre-prepared title allows me to be impulsive and inventive when creating new work. Additionally, I discovered that no matter how I find the title, whether it's through conversation, something picked up in a newspaper, online or just a random fleeting thought, the resulting sculptures all have a look in common. By which I mean that they all seem to be from the same universe.

The majority of these pieces are finished with an oxide wash necessitating two lengthy kiln firings and each piece is uniquely sculpted with no mould created or copies taken (with the exception of Withholding the Void). Each oddity is a pure one-off piece. As you can see from the pictures, once fired, the oxide wash highlights and shading become far more vibrant and… if they avoid being dropped, knocked or thrown in a rage they should remain as they are for around 4000 years or so.

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