PJ Donnelly Sculpture

PJ Donnelly Sculpture



Filtered - Portrait #1 (2021)

Ceramic stoneware coloured with glaze, shellac and pigments.

This piece is part of a series of sculptures commenting on the influence social media has on our sense of selves.

300/160/210mm Inc base

Twisting Dave (2021)

Ceramic Stoneware coloured with pigments and shellac.

This piece is a parody of the famous sculpture David by Michelangelo.  I wanted  to present a modern depiction of the character representing, not the masculine qualities of bravery and heroism but a character coping with the turmoil and anxieties associated with modern living.

210/70/100mm inc base

La Giuseppina's mother (2021) 

La Giuseppina’s mother

Ceramic stoneware coloured with shellac and pigments.

This ceramic portrait is inspired by Walter Sickert’s 1904 painting entitled Mama Mia Poveretta. I have created a 3d interpretation of Sickert’s subject to provide an alternative representation of the gaunt, emaciated elderly Venetian woman who is nearing the end of a hard life.

300/160/210mm inc base

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