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8 Feb 2016

Organic Sculpture... and the Sadness of Clumsiness

I’m sorry. There’s been a very prominent lull in my motivation following the Christmas period. I blame the depressing weather, lack of tinsel and abundance of airborne viral infections for this.. Although I think I’m over it now.. Plus it’s pancake day soon. Anyway, I have managed to muster some creative enthusiasm and (for those who haven’t been bombarded with shaky 3am Instagram pictures) come up with a new series of surrealist sculptures. I use the word “series” incredibly loosely as, to be honest, they’re one statue away from being “a couple of sculptures” but, whatever, three’s a series.. well a trilogy.... over thinking this...  shut up!

I started working on this style all the way back last year when I was playing about with constructing an organic form sat upon a much more structured cube. I liked the contrast between the two completely different styles and the challenge to marry them into one form, each complimenting the other. I was obviously so inspired and excited by this initial prototype that I dropped it on the floor and failed to revisit the idea for four months or so.. It’s a horrible feeling dropping something you’ve worked on for hours. I saw a documentary on the sculptor Henry Moore who, upon breaking one of his sculptures whilst transporting it, said something like “it came from nothing, so why should I be sad when it returns”.. I lack this philosophical insight.. when I drop a sculpture it makes me sad.. and angry.. Some people break things when they’re angry.. I simply mourn the loss of the things I have broken.. and their return to nothingness.. and wear black for a few days... and drink a bit.. then move on.. Slowly.

So eventually, upon coming out of mourning, I finished this “series” of three sculptures all of whom seem very possessive of their allocated objects. Each figure is a representation of a different human emotion and all are modelled using air dry clay and then painted using a combination of airbrush and... well.. normal brush. I’m hoping to extend this series and revisit developing moulds so that I can produce some copies. Hopefully, this will open the opportunity to produce some to sell or give away or hide in people’s gardens. Anyway, I’ll put more pictures and hopefully a more concise description on the site as soon as I develop the motivation to do so.

Happy Pancakes

Love Pete x

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